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T h e  A u t h o r

(Choosing a pseudonym)




Not unlike that creature of mythic lore, our benefactor braved

situations in dominance that threatened his tenure on terra firma,

and constantly rises from ashes....


(Pop Culture)
Spiritually akin to Presley, Phoenix adapted
"Love Me Tender" to a karaoke marriage propos


In public interaction, comments often
compared him to a famous Jack...



He is a husband, father, cat wrangler and  

independent author, best known for a uniquely

quirky sense of humor, as  most acquaintances

can attest to. His goal is to wholly exorcise

what adventurous anecdotes, fables and

fictional fantasies have been installed by life’s hardest  

knocked schooling, then resided in his every moment.  

        Phoenix survived 9 years in the U.S. Army, 12 as a

police officer (in the Pentagon) and 17 to

an ex-spouse who inspired/inhabits quite

an assortment of characters in his yarns.

Outside of writing duties, he now resides

in Alabama, catering to spouse number two,

(who is treated like Number One), a precociously 

scrappy twenty-two year old man-child and

some never satisfied cats.

Speaking of cats...
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And Now, Some Shots of PEN...
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