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Appalachian Phantoms

Book 1

First Printed 24 December 2016

Friends from

Bruceton Mills, West Virginia

investigate the unknown.


Unleashed Phantoms

Appalachian Phantoms Book 2:

The Second Wave

First Printed 26 May 2017

The second wave. What remains...


 Appalachian Phantoms 
Book 3: Series Finale 

Otherwise known as Justice:

Appalachian Revenge

First Printed 21 March 2022

Ending the Appalachian Phantoms trilogy. No slow coast to stopping, but some high-speed hairpin turns to a gripping, unexpectedly grim conclusion. Best advice: Read one chapter a day. Let it sink in, marinate for best flavor.



Grave Conversations 

First Printed 5 October 2015

Reissued 4 June 2018

What goes bump in the night

is only sleeping.


 Hobart's Plebe 

Transition Immortale

First Printed 24 June 2018

What if you are called and cannot answer, straining lips to move a mouth that dares not speak..! Suppose within your heart’s labored echoes, someone else’s laughter dares to squeak? Steven Ignatius Cooper has much to learn.


  followed by  
  a few anthologies...

 Pen Exposed 

Collected Short Stories

First printing 9 February 2016

Reissued January 2022

Phoenix Elvis Nicholson's rare tales, some seen here for the very first time.


 Double Exposure 

Mom's Scrapbook

First Printed 1 July 2016

More short stories from the odd imagination

that gave you Cousin Bertie, Hobart

and PEN Exposed...



Dubious Developments

First Printed 1 July 2016

With this third collection of short stories,

Phoenix finally strips down to bare secrets.


Campfire Stories 

Dubious Developments

First Printed 30 December 2021

Phoenix's first anthology

entirely composed in Alabama.


  Dreams, Nightmares 
& Other Jokes 

Under Construction


  and then some adventures...  

 No Filter 

A Few Days from 300

First Printed 26 April 2019

During a ten month marital hiatus, solace is sought in an unlikely setting, where topics, usually taboo, find open and willing discussion... 


 Guest Services 

Under Construction



Under Construction


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  Finally, PEN's collection 
  ends with the  
  Original 8-part saga
known as TWS / SNE 

(Trilogy White Stone / Sky Not Empty)  

 Cousin Bertie 

Trilogy White Stone (TWS 1)

First Printed 4 November 2014

Search for truth behind family mythology leads John and his sister to revisit a favored childhood vacation locale. The secluded estate of 'Cousin Bertie' in southern Virginia's wooded shoreline has aged gracefully, but perhaps not so its inhabitant. Welcoming them into her house,

she begins filling in the blanks of relatives.


 Harry's Haunts 

Trilogy White Stone
(TWS 2)

First Printed 12 December 2014

A second visit to Bertie's place is conceived in curiosity. Strange how some so easily forget what it did to that proverbial cat.


 Third Time Charmed 

Trilogy White Stone
(TWS 3)

First Printed 28 May 2015

Lessons learned, the duo embarks on another road trip, possibly their last. One thing is certain, everything changes permanently this go 'round.


 An Exhaustive

 White Stone Compendium 

Trilogy White Stone
(TWS 3

First Printed 24 June 2018


Books 1 - 3 of Trilogy White Stone

plus assorted apocrypha.


 Oakland Touchdown 

Sky Not Empty 1
(SNE 1 / TWS 4)

First Printed 28 July 2015

Nothing is permanent but change. This time around, everything changes. Permanently...


 Journals of Wasted Youth 

Sky Not Empty 2
(SNE 2 / TWS 5)

First Printed 17 December 2015

From White Stone to Oakland Manor, John sought ancestry answers. Now, his brother reveals some that John never could have found.


  Pirates Wandering  


Sky Not Empty 3
(SNE 3 / TWS 6)

First Printed 17 April 2016

The Trilogy White Stone and Sky Not Empty trilogies culminate in a newly discovered book written by Braxton Delaney. Pirates Wandering Chronicles Installment #6 takes the place of Sky Not Empty Book 3 - - -Phoenix found the book in Oakland Manor's attic. Let's take a look at it...



Sky Not Empty 4
(SNE 4 / TWS 7)

First Printed 18 May 2018


the TWS / SNE saga.

Final episode.


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