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  About Phoenix  

He is a husband, father, cat wrangler and  

independent author, best known for a uniquely quirky

sense of humor, as  most acquaintances can attest to.  

     His goal is to wholly exorcise what adventurous anecdotes,  

fables and fictional fantasies have been installed by life’s hardest  

knocked schooling, then resided in his every moment.  

        Phoenix survived 9 years in the U.S. Army, 12 as a police officer  

(in the Pentagon) and 17 to an ex-spouse who inspired/inhabits quite  

the assortment of characters in his yarns. Outside of writing duties,  

he is pleased to now live in Alabama, catering to spouse number  

two, (who is treated like Number One), a precociously scrappy teen  

and some never satisfied cats. 

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